Sensational postmodern hotel architecture design

Development of the architecture world at present had positive impact to the development of the creation of architecture designs that remarkable of hotel. Almost all countries in this world has hotels with sensational architecture. Not only in the developing country, the development of the architecture world very rapidly developing almost in all the world. Because of it much forms of hotel building hard to believe, but real created.Not only hotel, almost all kinds of building, both the home, office, apartment, or high buildings. We can see of examples image that we present here, there are Jumeirah beach hotel, Pazhou hotel, w hotel Barcelona, Dubai hotel, sun city hotel in south Africa, Hilton hotel, dc Marriott hotel, and still many other examples. Of examples hotel architecture we present here, we can look so unique and remarkable design that made, and very seen beautiful and interesting. We can conclude that beauty and uniqueness architecture will make the impression that remarkable when the people witness.

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