Take advantage of the loft of house become triangular bedroom

An interesting creative ideas to practice is to create a unique interior architectural. One of the interesting to some practical stuff is made triangular bedroom. The triangular bedroom is a bedroom that has shaped interior architectural triangle, interesting right? How to make a triangular bedroom? Simple things that we can do is to take advantage of the loft on the house. As we know that almost all the houses have roofs with triangular shape. Therefore create a bedroom on the loft is brilliant idea. Because it is directly related to the roof, then the bedroom made on the loft have architectural interior very unique. Have a triangular bedroom of course will provide a different sensation. If we compare with the design of the bedroom in general, triangular bedroom more easily in the interior decor challenges to more unique. With the form of the wall that unites with the roof, this will provide a touch varies, especially in the design of the interior. Besides, we also be creative in terms of the placement of the furniture, for example the placement of the bed, sideboard, sidetable, wardrobe, and etc. To give a sense of comfortable, we can also design the roof to give the glass window, this will also make the triangular bedroom more unique and interesting.