Take advantage of the rooftop area become a beautiful outdoor living room

Very regrettably if the area on the roof we leave it alone. There are many creative ideas that we can do in order to use rooftop area. We can take an example of one of the interesting idea is to create the outdoor living room. On the rooftop area will give something different, this is because the position and conditions. On the rooftop of the house has a direct relationship with the free air so that the placement of the living room in this area of course will provide a separate atmosphere. modern-fresh-outdoor-rooftop-living-room-designThere are various designs that we can practice in order to get a comfortable rooftop living room. To add the impression comfortable and beautiful on rooftop living room, then it will be better if we give mini garden. We can be creative in placing the types of plants, for example in the pot. classy-outdoor-rooftop-living-room-design-with-roof-protectionOn the rooftop living room we can also install roof guard, this is aimed at protecting the area living room from the rays of the sun and the rain. The roof of this protection can be portable or permanent. If we see the overall, a house that take advantage of the rooftop as the living room, then gave a beautiful stylish exterior view. Besides that when we are relaxing in the rooftop area living room, of course will get a calm and will provide many new inspirations. The utilization of rooftop became a living room is one of the ways to create a house to make it more attractive and interesting.