The best 15 of modern minimalist farmhouse architecture design

One of style village house very famous is style farmhouse. Style this house have the peculiar form that is simple and interesting.The farmhouse have simple architecture style but very interesting. With the development of the time, a lot of springing new designs from farmhouse in modern style. The modern farmhouse architecture design, many use element of glass and wood, it makes the farmhouse looks more classy and luxury. We can take the one example form of modern farmhouse which have the appearance exterior of wood, on this model, wall made from wood block which arranged with neat, so also with the roof, although have roof construction horses shaped but tile also made of pieces wood that arranged with neat. Although almost all parts using wood, but the impression modern still looks with the window and the doors glass which is designed with very beautiful and neat. Here we provides some example of farmhouse that modern style. Of examples that we present, there was some kind of architecture and with the main material that different, there are modern stone farmhouse, modern wooden farmhouse, modern concrete farmhouse, and etc.