The best craftsman style exterior lighting designs

On article previously we had discussed about part of exterior of the craftsman style home design, namely exterior paint colors, this time we will discuss again other part of craftsman style exterior that famous, it is lighting. The craftsman style exterior lighting have unique and classics design, form and way its installation also various kind, there is which hanging, attached to the wall, attached to ceiling, or free standing on floor. To the design that attaches in the wall, the craftsman exterior lighting have the unique form and mostly have order black or brown color. This type have the form very artistic and more stylized historical. While for the second is type of hanging lamp, this type also has same design with kind that attaches in the wall, both equally have unique and classic design. So are the types of lamp placement that another. As ceiling mounted lighting, and hanging lighting. For more details, take look examples image here, that is the best classic craftsman style exterior lighting design.