The best designs of modern Japanese style living room

Previously we have discussed about design exterior and interior from home stylized japan, both decoration or furniture. This time we will discuss one part of modern Japanese style home, that is living room. The modern Japanese style living room design have unique decoration but seen beautiful. As in classic Japanese style living room interior design, in style of modern also have in common in terms of the arrangement furniture and typical characteristic decorating wall and floor.So are with accessories that bedecked it. Beside that in common that other is in modern style also have view, it means position the living room have the window, so that we can look out freely. The difference of the classical style and modern style is on furniture used, in modern Japanese style, the living room filled with furniture-furniture modern and trendy, while for the classical style use traditional furniture and more impressive historical. One thing excess of Japanese style living room is neatness, both of modern style and classic style. There are 16 example of the best modern Japanese style living room designs.