The best placement ideas of bookshelves furniture for small spaces and narrow space

How to benefit the narrow space by placing a furniture to add beauty of a space? Have a house or apartment sure there some space seen empty and less look beautiful. This thing make less harmonious and less beautiful if seen. To prevent that problem, we can put some kind of furniture that have function, like bookshelves. How to design a bookshelves for narrow space? And how to design a bookshelves in small space? We can start of narrow space, the narrow space both it be in corner or the other side, in putting a bookshelves we have to designed this house with right, for example a bookshelves freestanding shaped and it has many rack that graded to put books. This design would be very suitable to fill empty space to be more alive and beautiful. The second is small space, if we have small space both in bedroom, living room, or other places, we can designed a bookshelves type wall mounted, or attached on the wall, so that neatness and beauty of the room still visible.For more details take look some examples of these images that we present here.