The Best Red Bathroom Theme Design Both in Modern or Classical Styles

A bathroom if decorated with the red theme, it makes bathroom looks brighter. Touch red color in indoor bathroom have variation in its application. Any of various creative idea in terms of application red color, for example in wall, bathroom equipment, furniture and ceiling. For the application into the wall we can created with the touch of red color, for example red ceramic tiles, red mosaic tiles, red stone, red concrete, and red glass tiles. Both in modern style and classics, red interior theme will give touch it is interesting, especially when the application of red have the right composition. In red bathroom not all part given of red color, because it will make interior design look monotonous. To comment on these issues, so we need to accent color. As of companion color, color accent must be exactly in terms of its application. To types of accent colors the most suitable to companion of red is, white, black, and gray. Of several types of accent color, one of types color that suitable when combined with red is white. As of accent color, white can neutralize the bright impression of red. Here we give examples of red bathroom theme with composition and application that ideal. In addition in example images that we present here also cited the application of accent color.