The Craftsman style home exterior design in modern and classic style

In designing a home a lot of factors to be observed. Most people will try to designing home with modern style, or classic model. When we designing a home the main thing that need to consideration is house exterior design. Why, it is because the person would see your home the first is view from outside then will value its interior. When we see exterior design of our home good then indirectly we will be felt satisfied.

There are a lot of design exterior of the home now, one of it is craftsman style. The craftsman style home exterior design have the design more to classic model, have porch with palisades, and usually have simple exterior paint. Home this type have main material are wood, but some use wall of exposed stone.The craftsman home have pillar in the porch, of exposed stone or wood. The paint that used to craftsman home exterior most use gray color paint with white accent, usually on the windows and door. But the craftsman house there is also modern classic style, this is usually combine of long design with modern design. The modern classic house craftsman style on the exterior design will clearly visible in lighting and wall design. We can see for example images the following, there are several model of the craftsman style home exterior design. From examples the picture mentioned, there are in the classical style, modern, elegant, and simple designs.