The exterior and interior designs of molecule homes

A lot of unique home design that we can see at present. Most of unique home design have different forms with general home. How about unique small home? The form of minimalist home maybe a lot of design that we can imitate. As minimalist modern homes, or simple glass homes, and still many more the others.
One of kind of unique small home is molecule homes, type of this home has the main material is wood. The molecule homes usually designed permanently or semi permanent or can mobile. The uniqueness of design this home located on the form of exterior and interior. On the exterior design, as shown in the pictures, have simple design, with the form of the doors and windows that simple. In molecule home designs usually the increasing roof window, and only have two kinds of color, but that becomes of the main color is wood brown, with giving of accent color blue or maroon or green make type of this home has simple design but have the unique form. For type mobile molecule home design, in accordance with its name, the increasing wheels to can move everywhere. On home this type will more beautiful if add deck and fence.This is one of the type minimalist home and unique that can be brought everywhere.We can traveling everywhere without look for inn. As shown images mentioned, there are examples interior and exterior design of molecule homes. Of images mentioned perhaps be your inspiration to design mobile home with imitate kind of molecule homes.