The most unique triangle home design

Triangle home is one of the types of unique architecture. In general, triangle usually only on the roof, while on the bottom will be made a vertical wall. In general the house design, there is the delimiter between the wall and the roof, while pure triangle on the roof and the wall of the joint in the form of triangle. This of course will be very interesting to be seen. This unique house type already exists since the first. Until now many houses that use style. If we see at first glance, may seem ordinary, but if seen from the point of view of art, then the triangle home architecture is the design of the house which has a very high art value. The triangle home many designed to become more creative forms, for example the existence of the window on the roof, there is the use of glass material on the walls of the front view and many more other creativity. This will add the uniqueness of the art of architecture. In addition the triangle style home can also shares categorize into the type of small house, but with the uniqueness of architecture, then the type of style this can be called as the most unique small home design.