Unique and Artistic Kitchen Chimney Design

In modern and classical kitchen, there are chimney, equipment this kitchen functioned as sewer fumes or smoke from cooking process. The kitchen chimney located on furnace cook or stove cook, because it was right on a furnace, so chimney will clearly visible hang, therefore because this equipment large size, so its design would be visible beautiful. beautiful-kitchen-chimney-lightingIn the kitchen there are two kinds of placement chimney, the first is if cook stove located on vanity, so chimney installed attached to the wall. While for the second is if gas stove found in kitchen island, So chimney located hang right above kitchen island. In the kitchen classics style, chimney design very unique and artistic. As classical kitchens in general, all aspects inside having high history value, including inside furniture and interior decor. So are kitchen chimney, to above kitchen island chimney have design that very beautiful, if we put chimney with designs that unique and artistic, so that equipment also be used as decor accent for the kitchen. Here we give some examples of chimney that installed hanging above kitchen island, and chimney that installed attached to the wall above vanity.