Unique and creative conversation pit sunken design

Conversation pit sunken is part of a house that has a shape like a living room. The conversation pit has the same function with the living room, but when viewed from the design would be very different. Where is the difference? If the general living room has a flat floor, while the furniture is placed on the floor, both sofa, coffee table, or other additional furniture. As for the conversation pit, has a unique design, why is that? The conversation pit is lower than the main floor, for putting it into furniture will also follow suit. admirable-indoor-conversation-pit-sunken-designFor example on the rectangle sunken conversation pit, the sofa will be flush with the main floor, while the coffee table and other additional furniture will be in the sunken area. Because it is lower than the main floor, it is necessary to go down the stairs. There are so many designs from sunken conversation pit, including round style, rectangle style, unique style, or creative style. If the terms of the placement, the conversation pit sunken consists of two types including indoor and outdoor. Both indoor and outdoor, all can be used as living room. From the above review can be concluded that the sunken conversation pit has the function is the same with the living room, but has a different design and furniture. As to whether examples of design and decoration of the sunken conversation pit? See some sample images that we present here.