Unique exposed stone wall decor ideas

On the inside of the house or other buildings, need to be given something different, especially in the case of the design and decoration. Something that varies in the interior of a house will give the impression interesting and of course the beautiful. The exposed stone can be applied in all parts of the house, for example on the wall bathroom, wall of the living room, wall of the kitchen and etc. All types of placement will produce a beautiful interior decoration, but if we are smart in designing exposed stone on the wall. Although not all parts of the wall we apply exposed stone style, but a little touch of exposed stone will give the impression of its own. This is also one of the ways in the decorated this wall for more beautiful and attractive. In arranging the order of stone on the wall, there are many kinds of patterns, starting from the design of the exposed stone with a different stone size, or the size of the same stones, and etc. With a high level of creativity, there are many design from exposed stone wall decor, despite visible classic, but from the way the arrangement of stone gives high art value. Here we present some examples of pictures from the best patterns of unique exposed stone wall decor.