Unique front door design

In a home or other building types, major part of which will be visited is the main front door. Therefore, many things can be done in designing the main door of the house to make it look attractive and beautiful. In addition to beautifully designed, there are several front doors designed elegant, Modish, funny, and others. One type of design that is of interest to be discussed is the main front door which is designed unique and artistic. The unique and artistic front doors of course have the different design than the design of the door in general. For doors made of wood, the door leaf there are very beautiful carving, it shows a very interesting artistic value. In addition to door made of wood, for adding a unique and artistic impression, usually given decorative embellishments made of wrought iron or other ornament. If we have a house with a front door that is unique and artistic design, the exterior appearance of our homes will be more interesting, and certainly will provide satisfaction for us. In accordance with this discussion, here we provide examples of the most unique and artistic design front doors, both made of wood or metal.