Unique hanging bathroom mirror placement ideas

How to decorate the bathroom to make it unique? The decor is very closely connected with accessories, both for wall or ceiling. One part of the bathroom that can we decorated with style unique is the wall. May we have many know about accessories for bathroom which was placed on the wall, starting from small accessories to large accessories. All accessories are placed with the aim to beautify wall decoration in the bathroom. One that might be you made reference is to install the hanging mirror. creative-rectangle-bathroom-ceiling-mirrorThis is very unique and interesting, generally mirror installed attached on the wall, but what if the mirror is installed by hanging? Of course this will give something that varies in the interior bathroom. The hanging mirror has two ways of placement, namely hung on the ceiling and hung on the wall. Both ways have advantages of each. In addition to the unique, the hanging bathroom mirrors also have the impression emerges. On the bathroom mirror that hung on the ceiling of course more unique, but this will give the impression of less on the efficiency of the place. While for the bathroom mirror that hung on the wall, this gives the efficiency of an ideal place, but have flaws in this uniqueness. There are various forms of hanging bathroom mirror, including round, rectangle, decorative, octagonal, and etc.