Unique origami home design

Origami is the art of folding paper to made various forms of goods. Origami comes from Japan, the art of folding paper is much liked by children and adults. How then if origami we apply to the design of a house? Of course will be very interesting, a house if in the design such as the folds of paper, this will display a architecture of the house which is very unique. As one of the house that is in Japan, both on the stylish exterior and interior made like origami. On the front view has a triangle, whereas if we see from the top view, then origami style inherent in the architecture. So also if we see from the angles view, it will be seen is very unique and interesting. This unique architectural art is the result of creativity and imaginations. We hope from the example of this creative work can inspire you to create the designs of the house with origami style that more unique and interesting.