Unique underground home design ideas

One of design and architecture can categorized unique is underground home. The underground home design is a home that built in the ground. Type of this home is home that have a high privacy. It is because of parts look just the face, and there is also just appear a front gate and window. Besides buried in the ground, other uniqueness of the underground home design is camouflage, it means in that area as not a residence, will look clearly there is residence if we really look more closer. Stay in the home this type, of course we will get a sensation and satisfaction. For people that like imagination, stay on the underground home as be depth of the earth. If viewed from the aspect of design, the underground home consisting of two kinds, the first is building that home are really enter into the land, usually built on slope of the mountain or in the hills.While for the second is a house built in the land but on the top land the was in size land. Although in form of size land, the impression underground still very visible. From two types that mentioned, all are showing the front parts , for example only the front door, all front exterior, or only show door and window. The following are examples of kind unique home design that is underground home. In examples of these images that we present here is the unique underground home design ideas.