Unique Way to Decorate the Ceiling of the Bathroom by Placing a Drum Hanging Lamp

One of the creative ideas in designing an interior bathroom is by taking drum hanging lamp design. The drum hanging lamp is the type of lamp that is unique. Type of this lamp installed to add impression of interesting and unique on the interior of a bathroom.artistic-bathroom-design-with-decoratibe-drum-lamp The drum hanging lamp usually placed in the center of ceiling. This thing would be very interesting, besides as main lighting, placement of drum hanging lamp will give more values on interior of a bathroom, especially in ceiling decoration. attractive-bathroom-design-with-beautiful-drum-hanging-lampThe drum hanging lamp made with very creative, the light that produced will adorn all bathroom area, why is that? This is because on a drum there are motives that transparent, so that light that produced will follow motives from drum. aesthetic-bathroom-design-with-drum-hanging-lampsThis creative idea made drum lamp is one of lamp design that many people search. Besides placement in the center of ceiling, we can also create by placing drum hanging lamp above wall mirrors, This thing would make beauty on vanity area.beautiful-master-bathroom-design-with-drum-hanging-lamp To get a lighting and unique decoration to a bathroom, election of drum hanging lamp is good idea. Of these articles hopefully will give new inspiration for you to designing bathroom to be more unique and interesting.