Utilize the tree trunk to be used as unique and high art furnitures

With a high level of creativity, there are many things that we can do in creating a unique furniture design, such as making coffee table, bench, chair and other furniture. With creative ideas we can take advantage of the tree trunk to made furniture with high art value. A uniqueness will be created if we can take advantage of the tree trunk to made coffee table or bench.creative-and-artistic-tree-trunk-coffee-table-design There are many examples of the furniture made from tree trunk. In addition to the unique shapes, the tree trunk also has a beautiful natural motifs and texture that is on the tree trunk has something that is artistic so that when we utilized to made coffee table or bench of course will be more unique and interesting. To create a coffee table or bench from tree trunk, we can take advantage of the root as the legs of a table, while on the surface of the top is made of glass. In addition, there are several examples of the design using the tree trunk as the top of the table while the legs of a table made from wrought iron or used wood. For the tree trunk that was used as the top of the table we can leave naturally according to the original form, or we change into a form that unique. If we put the type of this unique furniture in the living room or other space, then surely will provide interesting impression. Besides the utilization of tree trunk as a coffee table or bench, besides functioning as a furniture, this design can also function as accessories or decor accent is interesting.