Utilizing Natural Riverstone Into a Unique Bathroom Sink

The riverstone is type of nature material that could be used as equipment on house. Type of this stone is very easy to get it. Around us there are many types of riverstone with variegated color. Riverstone very good used for the foundation material house or as material to making concrete. Besides used to construction material of a house or building, riverstone in reality can be made as traditional equipment households, for example to mortar, pestle, pounder, and other.artistic-natural-stone-bathroom-sink In addition there is another side in the use of riverstone, that is used as sink in bathroom. A sink to bathroom that made of riverstone have unique form. This creative idea appear because nature of riverstone that severe,strong, and resistance to the water. Besides viewed from the perspective of power, a bathroom sink that made of riverstone have the appearance are unique and very creative. beautiful-natural-stone-bathroom-sinkThe uniqueness can be seen from texture which is in riverstone. Without to do the process of finishing, natural riverstone have uniqueness and beauty. On the inside and outside from riverstone have differences of color and texture. It is that made riverstone very unique if we make become bathroom sink. There are two creative idea in making design of riverstone bathroom sink, especially on the basin. The first creative idea is on the counterop part we make round basin, while in the other part we let natural. To the second creative idea is on the basin we let follow the form of exterior. The second this creative idea will make riverstone sink as equipment of bathroom as well as decor accent.