Utilizing the Natural Texture of Bamboo to be Used as Flooring in the Bathroom

A bathroom with floor of bamboo is unique something. In general, bathroom have the floor made of wood, ceramic, marble, stone, or brick. As we know, bamboo have unique texture, uniqueness of bamboo texture showing the natural beauty. Many furniture made of bamboo, for example table, chair, armoire, cabinets, sideboard, and still many more other. To creativity, it can be used as floor to bathroom. A bathroom with floor of bamboo will showing different something, texture and natural motives of bamboo give beauty in bathroom decoration. Perhaps this feels strange, but if the using of bamboo as the floor of bathroom we will gets a beautiful work. Why we have chosen bamboo as floor of bathroom? with the use of natural motives of bamboo, this will give the interesting impression, especially on the floor. In addition overall will have effect that remarkable in beauty decoration all part of bathroom. It is interesting to try, as additional information, here we also gave some examples of bathroom which use bamboo as the floor. Take look complete information in images which we present here.