Variety of styles from classic house which is very famous in the world

In this world a lot of house designs with classic style, all a type of classic house have a unique design and typical feature according to the place of origin. Here we are presenting 20 example of the classic style homes that famous in the world based on origin design.

The first is classic Victorian house,classic Victorian house have typical feature that seen from exterior, this house have a beautiful design, a lot of trinkets that decorates exterior it.In part of the roof there are towers, beside that, on the roof there are also windows that design very beauty. While to exterior paint color also have main paint color grey with companion color white.

The second is classic Scandinavian style house, house this type have exterior design that not so complex, display house with a flat wall with a roof shaped trestle and have the attic. Beside that on the roof there are also a window with position follow the slope of roof.

The third is classic Mediterranean style, house this type can be group into luxurious house, because has sparkling design and more give priority to element elegant. House this type have many additional roof in around main roof that high stand. This typical can be seen both the Mediterranean modern or classic.

The fourth is classic colonial house, this house style have simple exterior decoration although form of house is large. The form of door and window very simple, but is interesting to watched, beside that part of the roof there are also windows to add beauty home.

Besides examples above also still many more classic houses style that famous in the world, such as classic Hawaiian homes, classic Japanese homes, classic of style homes, classic the barn house design, colonial home design, and country home design. Look examples picture that constitute the classic houses style which very famous in the world. This information from us may beneficial and increase insight to you.