Various types of American craftsman window that may suit your choice

There are so many home have various forms exterior, as modern home style, classics, or unique. Of various forms home exterior, of course not out of wall design, door, window, porch, lighting, or its decoration. All the parts of home exterior above, each has type, model, and various kind design.

This time that we will discuss part of window exterior, why is window, because window is part exterior that very affect the beauty of a building or home. Most of home in the America use kind of window American craftsman windows, because American craftsman window have simple design but efficient and good viewed. The American craftsman windows have many type, as double-hung window, single-hung window, casement window, gliding window, awning window, specialty window, hoppers window and bay or bow window. All types of windows above, have the each characteristics. A double-hung window has two vertically sliding sash in a single frame. The single-hung window has only the bottom sash opens for ventilation. The casement window that open outward to the right or to the left. The gliding window has two or three sash, with at least one of the sash sliding past the others. The awning window are hinged at the top and open outward, its has function to catch breezes from the left or right. The specialty windows has curves and dramatic, its provide a delicate lighting accent. The hoppers window has a characteristic, that is open inward from the top. This type are best for basements, garages and attics or for areas with limited space that need ventilation. And the last type bay or bow window, this type has form of out prominent, so that consumes much space, volume and light to a room and add more personality to every home. There are many examples picture of variety type American craftsman window.