Victorian interior design

As we know, the victorian home style is one of classical home design that is famous in the world. Type of this house have typical on the exterior design.Although modern period, but the existence of this house style still many we met, both in the classical styles and modern style.On the exterior, the victorian home have decoration that priority element of the architectural art and decoration style that remarkable.After we have discussed about victorian exterior design, now let we peel about victorian interior design. The victorian style interior design have typical characteristic which easy to identify. In this style interior impression of luxury and elegant very priority, both for wall decoration, floor, ceiling, furniture and accessories. Besides memorable luxury, the victorian style interior is very priority artistic value and historical that seen from wall decoration, ceiling, and furniture.On the wall more put accessories that is artistic, in addition the theme wall color that used also harmonious with accessories. There are 20 example of the victorian interior design. On the pictures consists of living room, bedroom, hallway, the dining room, and indoor stair. May information was beneficial for you, and made new inspiration to you that can develop be ideas creative another in make victorian interior design.