Wonderful Bathroom Shower Design with Colorful Lighting

How to design a shower room to be more unique and interesting? Besides architectural and accessories, in designing a shower room, we still have one of the ways that you made reference, namely optimization in terms of lighting. The unique way and creative that you can do is to give shower room with colorful lighting. rainbow-bathroom-shower-lighting-ideasSuch as whether its detail? All right, create a colorful lighting in shower room you can do by installing colorful lights on ceiling, on the floor, on the wall, or on head shower. If we put colorful lamp on the ceiling and floor, so colorful lights will illuminate to the all area of shower room, But if you install in head shower so something that interesting must be happen.wonderful-colorful-bathrom-shower-lighting-design The placement of light on head shower will have effect that remarkable, especially in semburan of water. Water that exit from head shower have various color, this thing certainly will giving sensation that remarkable. As we know, head shower have two kinds of that is hanging shower, and hand shower. The second types if we put colorful lamp, of course will show a panorama that remarkable, especially when the water squirt. To hanging shower better known as rainshower, if given colorful lighting of course will be very beautiful. Type of light that used to head shower is LED, besides more produce beauty light, type of this lamp also very efficient.