10 Amazing Modern Symmetrical Style Glass Home Facade


In this modern era, the existence of glass home is dominating almost in all countries. Glass home or also called green home, it is a home design that uses a lot of glass material, especially on the walls, doors, and windows. The glass home has a stylish and simple design. As in other types of home design, glass home prefer the beauty of the exterior look, especially on the front view.


Along with the development of time, the glass home is designed with a neat and attractive impression, especially on the front view. One of the interesting glass home designs to observe is the symmetrical style exterior facade. This is one example of architecture arts from the house that looks very beautiful and neat. As we know, symmetrical is a style of design and decoration that divides a house or building with the same composition. It means, between the right and the left side each has the same design and decoration. With the division between the same left and right sides, then the exterior view of the glass home will look neat, attractive, and impressive. What do you think? If you are interested in home architecture with this style, then here we give some examples of architectural design of the house that uses the system symmetrical style exterior facade.