10 Modern White and Wood Living Room Design

A living room that is dominated by white color, it will be very interesting if combined with a touch of wood. Wood has a base color of cream, brown, or gray. That way, then a white living room will be more beautiful if given a touch of wood elements. The white living room can mean that furniture, walls, and ceiling are all white. Then where should we give a touch of wood elements?


The main media in providing wood elements is on the floor. A living room that uses white for furniture and walls, it will look harmonious if the floor uses wood material. In addition to the floor, a white living room, providing wood elements that is on windows, ceiling, or coffee table. In general, giving a touch of wood elements in the interior of a house, then the harmony and the impression will certainly be achieved.


Based on experience, wood element is one type of material that can make the interior design of a room will look very suitable. As well as in the living room. Well, to support this information then here we have given some examples of modern white living room with a touch of the right element of wood.