11 Best Placement Ideas of A Home Office in the Living Room Area


If you want to placing a home office in the living room area, then the most important thing we must do is determine where the location. The accuracy in determining the location of home office in the living room area will have a positive impact, especially on the beauty of the interior.


Where should we put home office in the living room area? The most important thing we have to do is place the home office on the area near the wall, choose furniture for home office that has a simple design. This is done so as not to reduce the primacy of the living room. There are several locations that are ideal if we place a home office, for example in the corner of the room, in front of the sofa set, or on the right side of the sofa. With these three locations, home office will look more presentable.


In addition, the location we mentioned earlier, it will not reduce the beauty and tidiness of the living room. A living room equipped with home office, in terms of decoration would be more interesting, why is that? Placing home office in the living room, it is one step in reducing the empty area in the living room. Likewise, if viewed from the benefits, the existence of home office in the living room area will provide convenience to us when we want to do work activities.


If we look from the view, the position of the work chair facing or back to the sofa set, it all the same. But keep in mind do not put home office furniture too close to the sofa area, this will make the living room look messy. If that happens, then the overall look of the design and decor of the living room will be boring and reduce the tidiness of the arrangement.