12 Unique Living Room Design with Cowboy Interior Theme


As we often see in movies that background about the life of the cowboys in the past, if we look at the homes used have a unique interior decoration. Cowboy houses are identical to farmhouse types. The characteristics shown in the interior decoration are very prominent. Ranging from furniture design, accessories, to decoration, all very character. On the walls, ceilings, and floors, there are accessories and decorations that are closely related to the life of the cowboy.


This time we will explore about the living room which is designed and decorated with cowboy style. For the ceiling, both exposed and closed has a unique in terms of decoration. As for the furniture used has a shape and style that is also very unique and accentuate a classical culture. If furniture is given a touch of motif, it will be more clearly the protrusion of the culture. This characteristic can be encountered in various parts of the living room.


For other characteristics, coffee table is given the base of a rug with a motive that has characteristics. For the wall, usually using a lot of material from wood, or a concrete wall coated with wallpaper decoration. From some information above, we can see the uniqueness and strong characteristics of a cowboy style living room. If you are interested in the interior style of this one, then here we give some examples of living room that uses cowboy theme. With this style, the living room in your home will look very classic, unique, and of course artistic.