22 Comfortable One Bedroom Apartment Design in 3D Plan


One bedroom style apartment, this is perfect for singles. The single apartment has a limited area, but if we can design it nicely, then we will get a comfort. The emphasis of design is mainly for the arrangement in terms of room division. How can we assemble various parts into a neat union. Completeness part of an apartment consists of bedroom, bathroom, living room, dining room, kitchen, and additional space. Given the limited area, then in arranging the placement of each section should be interesting and neat. Most people will be confused when they want to meet the completeness of the apartment, on the other side of the limited area. How to solve it? Although with a limited area, if all the parts are arranged with creative and neat, it will get an interesting design. In the examples we present here will give you a new idea, how to design a one bedroom apartment to be comfortable and fun. Here is a 3d plan drawing of a single apartment. See the following design plans.