29 Creative and Unique Wall Sconce Piping Light Fixtures


This is a very creative idea, yes a wall sconce that has a fixture of pipe material. This is definitely a very unique and creative work. The unique wall sconce light fixture is made from several pieces of pipe that is connected to become a unique piping circuit. With a more creative idea we can assemble pieces of pipe into a beautiful and attractive arrangement. The type of pipe used is made of iron or copper, and or others.


This work is inspired by industrial style. As we know, in industrial style there is a series of pipes displayed exposed, both for hydrant pipes, sprinklers, gas pipes, and others. Iron pipes can be converted into a wall sconce light fixture, so this will make the wall decoration will be more interesting. Here we present various forms of wall sconces with piping light fixture. From these examples, it certainly will give us many benefits.