30 Fashionable and Comfortable Eames Lounge Chairs


This time we will present an interesting information about furniture, it lounge chair. The lounge chair is an example of furniture that has been there since the first. The lounge chair is very important in our home existence. This type of chair is designed to lie down and relax. We will feel comfortable when using it, why is that? The lounge chair consists of two parts, the high back arm chair and an ottoman or bench.


This chair was first introduced by Eames Charles in 1956. Therefore the type of chair is also called Eames lounge chair. In the leg section, it is designed with a swivel system, so we can turn leaning in any direction without having to lift a chair.


If we look from the shape, the Eames lounge chair looks very efficient and fashionable. This chair is equipped with headrest and foot rest, as well as armrest. With this performance, then when we sit in this chair then the relaxation and satisfaction of course we will get. With the development of the era, there are now many designs from the Eames lounge chair is very trendy and of course prefer the convenience. What are the examples for? See some of the images we present here.