Designed a Studio Apartment to Look Neat and Efficient by Placing a Loft Bedroom


Studio apartment is a minimalist style apartment. Studio apartment has one room that functioned into various purposes. If the apartment with a spacious room, all the parts are in a separate room. While in the studio apartment all the parts are in one room. The parts consist of bedroom, bathroom, living room, dining room, kitchen, or also home office. With this condition it may look messy. But there are many creative ideas in terms of arrangement of parts of the apartment. One of the creative ideas we can do is put the bedroom in the loft. A studio apartment that puts the bedroom in the loft section, it will provide many advantages. These benefits include efficiency, practical, unique, creative, and neat. On which part of the loft should we put the bedroom? There are some creative ideas in placing a loft bedroom in a studio apartment, its above the kitchen, above the living room, or in the corner of the room. Here we also provide some examples of design in terms of loft bedroom placement in a studio apartment. Check out the examples we provide here.








modern-studio-apartment-design-with-loft-bedroom-ideas Scandinavian-style-studio-apartment-with-loft-bedroom