Geometric patterns in bathroom flooring: What Do You Think?


The beauty of the floor on a bathroom is very important. If appropriate in choosing the type of materials and motifs from the floor, then the bathroom will be more interesting. Currently there are so many motives and types of materials used for the floor on a bathroom. If seen in terms of materials, there are brick, ceramic tiles, stone, marble, granite, concrete, and wood. Meanwhile, if we see in terms of motives, there are geometric, floral, mosaic, strips, decorative, parquet, plain, and others. This time we will give one example, it bathroom with geometric flooring.


The geometric motif is a type of pattern that has the characteristic of a uniform pattern. The series of patterns will form an amazing decoration. In a bathroom that uses geometric flooring, it can be an attraction to the overall interior decoration. The geometric patterns is one type of motif that is suitable if applied to the floor of the bathroom. In addition to beautiful, the application of geometric style on the floor, it will also give an impression of artistic on the bathroom.