How to Design a Kitchen Bar with Downstairs, Either Beside or Under the Stairs

In designing the kitchen bar, we must pay attention to architectural and decoration. One creative idea in designing a kitchen bar was placed under or next to a stairs. It’s a brilliant idea, a kitchen bar under the stairs will give a different atmosphere on the design and interior decoration. Right at the bottom of the stairs we place the wine rack or wall cabinets. With architectural like this, then the kitchen bar will look more attractive. rustic-kitchen-bar-design-with-downstairs-ideasPlacing a kitchen bar under the stairs can also eliminate the empty space inside the house. In general, houses that have more than one floor, the area under the stairs on leave blank. This will result in the empty space. If a home there are a lot of empty space then it certainly will reduce the efficiency and neatness of the interior of a house.comfortable-modern-minimalist-kitchen-bar-design-with-stairsIn addition to creative ideas above, there is another interesting idea in designing a kitchen bar. The idea is to place the kitchen bar beside the stairs. This idea also included brilliant, why is that? With the addition of architectural staircase, kitchen bar will look very attractive. Besides being attractive, the design is also very efficient and practical. If you are interested in the ideas above, for more see examples of pictures that we provide here.

calming-kitchen-bar-design-with-downstairs adorable-kitchen-bar-design-with-stairs extraordinary-kitchen-bar-with-stairs modern-minimalist-kitchen-bar-under-stairs modern-white-kitchen-bar-design-with-downstairs rustic-kitchen-bar-under-downstairs vintage-kitchen-bar-with-downstairs elegant-small-kitchen-bar-with-downstairs coolets-small-kitchen-bar-design-with-downstairs