Making Use of Cardboard to be Transformed into a Beautiful and Attractive Chair Furniture


Cardboard is a box wrapping material made of paper. Cardboard can be regarded as garbage, because it is only used as a wrapper, sometimes this object is left alone. These items are usually recycled to make new boxes. With a creative idea, cardboard can turn into something that gives us many benefits. Cardboard we can make various kinds of furniture, including chairs, tables, bench, sofa, and others.


How to make furniture from cardboard material? With a brilliant idea we can make chairs with cardboard material. A chair made of cardboard also has a high artistic value. By utilizing cardboard sheets, we can wrap them into a unique and artistic seat shape.


In accordance with the theme this time, here we present a variety of designs of chairs made of cardboard. These examples will certainly give us new inspiration in creating various objects that utilize cardboard material.