Modern Eco Friendly Office Design with Creative Indoor Garden Ideas

With a very solid activity in an office, it will certainly make the workers stress. This condition would be a bad influence on employment outcomes. Burnout and boredom can be removed with a refreshing go to tourist spots or other entertainment venues. But how your way of eliminating the boredom without having to leave the office? Here we give one of the creative ideas in order to create a fresh atmosphere in office. What these creative ideas? The creative idea that is designing the interior of the office by placing an indoor garden area. Besides aiming to provide a refreshing atmosphere, in general the interior of the office would look more unique, interesting, and memorable. Another advantage of placing garden at the office is air circulation will be better, so this will contribute to the oxygen supply to the entire indoor office area. If the supply of oxygen to the office enough, then the workers will be in a healthy condition and vibrant.modern-conference-room-design-with-unique-wall-garden-ideasFrom the above description, then there will be a new question is how to design a beautiful office with garden ideas? In designing an office equipped with a garden, we first determine the type of garden that we will create. In addition there are three kinds of styles in placing the wide variety of plants, which is hanging on ceiling, wall mounted, and on the floor.

1. On the floor

Type of placement is classified as very simple one, but if we are clever in putting these kinds of garden plants, it will create an office with beautiful garden. How to plant can also be in the pot floor, or the provision of a special place, or on the ground directly. This is one of the creative ideas that can provide a fresh and beautiful atmosphere in an office.modern-beautiful-indoor-office-garden-ideas


2. Stick to the wall

This idea is unique, why is that? Making the garden wall is one of the creative ways that make the office look more quirky decor. In addition to the unique, it also will give the impression of a fresh and green in an office.aesthetic-office-interior-decorating-ideas-with-wall-garden-unique-hanging-lamp

2. Hanging on ceiling

This is an idea that is very unique and creative. This method is made by hanging pots on the ceiling, that will create a unique hanging garden. An office that has a hanging garden, it is definitely going to make an office interior looks very unique, creative, and certainly interesting.creative-hanging-office-garden-ideas

Similarly, some examples of creative ideas in creating an eco friendly office by placing an indoor garden. From this explanation is expected to provide new inspiration for you in decorating the office will look attractive, beautiful, and refreshing. Thank you for reading this article, may be useful for you.