The Spiral Floor Rug: It’s a Unique Flooring Decor Accent Ideas


This product will certainly attract your attention, yes a floor rug that has a spiral motif. Placing a spiral floor rug in your home, it will certainly provide great benefits. The benefits are of course in terms of the beauty of your home interior. The spiral floor rug is a kind of product that we can make decor accent in indoor or outdoor area. For example, here we give two types of shapes from spiral floor rug, It’s round and rectangle. This product is also called circular floor rug. With the uniqueness of the motive, it can be ascertained the interior area of your home will display an impression of its own. The circular floor rug you can place in the dining room area, living room area, or in the bedroom area. A glimpse of the motif is displayed like a whirlpool, or it may resemble a mosquito coil. But once applied to the motifs of floor rug, it looks very beautiful, unique, and impressive.