Utilizing The Narrow Space Under the Stairs Into a Beautiful Minimalist Bathroom


This is a creative idea, which is utilizing small space area under the stairs. There are many ideas in utilizing the area under the stairs, such as bathrooms, book shelves, drawers, cabinets, kitchen, and others. This time we give one of the creative ideas, which is making the area under the stairs into a small bathroom. Given that the area under the stairs has limited space, the bathroom is also made very minimalist.


Although small, but with creative ideas, we can make the bathroom becomes more beautiful and comfortable. Another thing that we can get is the design of the bathroom will look more unique. By adjusting the condition of the area under the stairs that tend to tilt, then one side of the bathroom is also tilted. This is the main attraction. On the sloping side, we place the toilet, while for the cabinets and sinks we place it on the wall under the stairs. We can also place some bathroom fixtures such as wall mirrors or hanging towel. For the area under the stairs that have a large space, then we can also put the bathtub. From some of these reviews, it can be concluded that the bathroom under stairs is a design example of minimalist bathroom that has a unique design and decoration.